BIN check capability


Our products do not utilize any BIN lists and our scanning algorithm do not solely rely on BINs.
This article shall offer an explanation as to why.



Card/Data/Enterprise Recon do not include BIN checks for very specific reasons:

  • Only financial institutions and scheme members are permitted access to the payment scheme BIN list
  • Even though there are public BIN lists made by the community, these lists are never 100% accurate and therefore not unsuitable to be used in commercial grade software or compliance audits

Our products do not use BIN lists, instead it searches within the entire number space for each individual payment brand and uses advanced false positive elimination techniques to ensure any findings identified have a high likelihood of being real.

The other factor is that within major payment card brands, most of the BIN space is already in use and therefore the use of a BIN list would provide little value in reducing false positive levels beyond what our algorithm is already doing.

Should you wish to try and use a BIN list if there are certain false positives that are appearing outside of a specific BIN range you are trying to search, you may use the false positive remediation feature within our products to implicitly specify and ensure any findings that match your BIN list/s are shown.



All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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