How to output Enterprise Recon logs to central syslog server



Syslog server helps customers to obtain a centralized logging platform for multiple systems.
This removes the need to login to multiple systems to perform a review through the logs.


How to setup the Syslog Server with Enterprise Recon


In order to tell the Enterprise Recon Master Server to output all logs to the syslog server, you will be required to edit the "hub.cfg" file within the Enterprise Recon folder which is typically located in (C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Labs\Enterprise Recon).  This will tell the Master Server to output all of the logs to the specified syslog server.

You may wish to enter the following line and append the IP address to that of the Syslog server



Once this has been done, you are required to restart the "Enterprise Recon Master Hub" service.

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