Scan on Solaris systems does not run



In this article, it will provide you with some information if the scan of your solaris system does not run. The error is due to a lower version of Node Agent package which is installed on the system.


Running the Scan  


After running the scan with the Enterprise Recon Console, it should commence and be listed within the Scanning -> Active Scans window.

However, if it is not listed within the list we would need to login to the Solaris system to view the error message (if any)


Viewing error message

In order to view the error of the scan, kindly follow the steps below:


1) Login to the Solaris system as root user credentials

2) Open the file (/var/adm/messages) with a file viewer (vi, nano, etc)

3) Scroll to the bottom of the file 


If you spot a line within the log file which contains a line which looks similar to what is listed below, you will need to update the Node Agent package.

May 2 16:47:31 sunappdb01 erecon-node: [ID 702911 daemon.crit] Platform solaris9-1 not supported in plugin 'Card Recon PCI DSS data scanner'


Upgrading the Node Agent


To run an upgrade of the Node Agent, you will need to perform the following:

  1. Download the Node Agent Package for your respective platform (SPARC or x86) from the Ground Labs Support Portal (
  2. Run the installation with root privileges
  3. Stop the Node Agent Service (/etc/init.d/erecon-node stop)
  4. Start the Node Agent Service (/etc/init.d/erecon-node start)



To address the issue which you are currently facing, you will require to install the updated Node agent and restart the erecon services. 

However, if you require any further information please feel free to let us know by sending an email to (




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